It’s Time to Leave the YES Campaign Behind and Build Something Better

Remember 2014? Cameron was the worst we’d had. Nobody had even heard of Brexit. Boris Johnston as a potential PM would have made our ribs break with laughter. Donald Trump as president was nothing more than a strange Simpson’s episode. And an imagined future of possible food shortages and stockpiling medications would have been dismissed as paranoid scare mongering by even the most dystopian amongst us. 2014 really was a political lifetime away.
These seismic changes raise interesting questions for our independence movement. In 2014, we were an amazing movement. We captured the imagination and hope of nearly half of the population. We managed to convince them that a leap of faith into a new society really was the best option for us. For all the critiques, the YES movement has had, it was a hugely successful political awakening for Scotland. And its role in Scottish history will be seminal.

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Ambassador Training with Business for Scotland

Business for Scotland launched its Ambassador Training in Dundee last Sunday. Outlining the need for an open and sympathetic approach, the training helped us develop a better understanding of the rationale behind people’s political choices. Ambassador Training is about engaging with values rather than politics, explained Gordon McIntyre Kemp, Business for Scotland founder & CEO.
Covering all aspects of communication from body language to elevator pitches to letter writing skills, the training moved us away from an entrenched psychological need to win political arguments into initiating open and thought provoking conversations instead. Convincing people is not about stubbornly pushing our own vision but starting a cycle of influence that initiates a change in thought based on people’s own ideas and values.

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Success at the Spirit of Independence Workshop

40104076_338029496936088_5770166301636952064_nAberdeen Independence Movement (AIM) recently teamed up with Chris Law MP to deliver a compelling workshop on the 9 essential secrets behind running the best campaign possible. The well attended Spirit Independence Workshop was a hit among local Aberdeen activists.

Held at the Sportman’s Club in Aberdeen, the Dundee West MP and SNP Westminster spokesperson for International Development and Climate Justice, spoke of his experience running the Spirit of Independence Campaign in 2013 and 2014. The campaign covered 2500 miles across Scotland and reached millions of people ahead of the Independence Referendum. Along the way, he and his team of volunteers documented the invaluable lessons crucial to winning any future campaign. Continue reading “Success at the Spirit of Independence Workshop”

“Don’t Write Off the North-East” – Doug Daniel

After last year’s General Election, there were suggestions that the Yes movement needed to forget about areas like Aberdeenshire, Angus and Moray, and focus instead on the urban working-class areas that were more favourable to us in 2014. It was a forgivable over-reaction to the shock of seeing a dozen Tories win seats, but unfortunately this idea just isn’t going away.
Activists in these areas – some of the most experienced in the movement, with organisational skills honed over multiple winning campaigns – have good reason to feel perturbed when the idea is raised. After all, it was those very areas that kept the independence flag flying through the 1980s and early 1990s, providing the SNP with all its seats in the UK Parliament.